Copyright © The Leyland National Group 2013 All rights reserved
Copyright © The Leyland National Group 2013 All rights reserved

The Leyland National Group was formed in 1997 at a time when the Leyland National was still active in a vast number of fleets. Unfortunately it is now virtually extinct with a small handful of survivors. Fortunately a vast number survive in preservation representing a variety of fleets. Although the group does not own any vehicles itself, some of its members are bus owners. Since the group's formation, the principal aims have been developed so that the group will endeavour to:

Welcome to The Leyland National Group !

Bring together those with an interest in the Leyland National and its derivatives

To encourage, support and promote the preservation of Leyland National vehicles

Provide operational, technical and historical knowledge

Provide help to members looking to obtain spare parts

Provide details of Leyland National related news from operators and preservationists

At the time of writing there are more than 100 Leyland Nationals from a wide variety of operators preserved by group members. However you do not need to own a bus to join the group, as membership is open to anyone who is interested in Leyland Nationals or the aims of the group.


The group also caters for those interested in the derivatives of the Leyland National; the Leyland-DAB, Leyland B21 and Leyland National bodied rail vehicles. So whether you are a Leyland National enthusiast, operator, owner or preservationist, the Leyland National Group has much to interest you.

Interested in joining the group? Why not visit the join us page to find out more of the benefits offered to members of the Leyland National Group.

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